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More About Me

Things I Love.

Sleeping with the windows open. Laughing until I suck in air and then let out a shriek. Dancing  – really dancing – covering lots of floor in a faux routine. Puttering and drinking wine in the kitchen while making dinner. Riding my bike. Warm night air on bare skin. Feeling sore after a good workout. Reading a book that makes me want to be better – be kinder, write more honestly, know more. Falling in love with a new song and playing it loud – on repeat. Anne Shirley. And Gilbert Blythe.  Looking up and seeing tall trees. Seeing my flower garden begin to sprout in spring. Bringing home new plants from the nursery to join the family. Jumping in. Drinking in the afternoon. Getting drunk in the afternoon. The smell of linden blossoms. That quiet after a big snow fall. Taking my bra off. Splurging on a taxi. Peaches.  Cherries. The smell of pine in the hot sun. The sound of cicadas. Night swimming.  Cool, clear Canadian lakes. When I do what I said I would. Taking off in a plane. When my home smells like home cooking. Dear, lovely friends. Pajamarama. Proper whipped cream. The potential to be found in libraries and book shops. Flowering trees in bloom. The weekend paper.  Road trips. Exhausted, slipping into a bed with fresh sheets, stretching and letting out the biggest yawn. A crackling fire – inside or outside. An honest summer tomato, liberally salted.  Sofa city with my softie blanket.

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